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What is Swaggle?

Have clothes you don’t wear? Want to find clothes you actually want to wear? Swaggle can help you sell your closet and shop for quality menswear at a discounted price. Download today in the Apple app store and have some fun.

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NEW IN 2019: Swaggle Marketplace

Don't have an iPhone or just want to shop? We just launched our web based marketplace. Visit the Marketplace and enjoy $10 OFF!

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Why Swaggle?

Shopping is time consuming; the looks you want are always more than what you want to pay. Swaggle makes shopping convenient and affordable. We bring fashion to you at the swipe of a finger. The experience of consignment fashion is curated from our endless inventory and displayed based on your style and preference.

We believe someone out there wants what you have. Swaggle is the best way for men to shop and sell clothes. It’s fresh and new.

We invite you to download our app today.

Featured Items

Inventory Photo

Scotch & Soda Denim Jeans


Size: 32x32
Color: Blue
Condition: Like New

*Interested to purchase this product? Download Swaggle now and buy the item before it's sold

Inventory Photo

GUCCI Loafers Brown


Size: 9.5
Color: Brown
Condition: Gently Loved

*Interested to purchase this product? Download Swaggle now and buy the item before it's sold

Inventory Photo

Culturata Plaid Shirt


Size: Medium
Color: Black & Blue
Condition: New

*Interested to purchase this product? Download Swaggle now and buy the item before it's sold

Inventory Photo

Huf High-top Leather Sneakers


Size: 9.5
Color: Brown
Condition: Like New

*Interested to purchase this product? Download Swaggle now and buy the item before it's sold

Inventory Photo

Bonobos Oxford Pants


Size: 30x30
Color: Blue
Condition: New

*Interested to purchase this product? Download Swaggle now and buy the item before it's sold

Inventory Photo

Club Monaco Cashmere Crewneck Sweather


Size: Large
Color: Aqua
Condition: New

*Interested to purchase this product? Download Swaggle now and buy the item before it's sold

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Top 10 FAQ

We understand that it takes a leap of faith to buy and sell online, so we will do whatever we can to enure a smooth transaction! If you have any additional question, see our full FAQs or reach out to us directly!

The purpose for allowing people to sign in as a guest, oppose to spending several seconds creating a personal account is to give you the opportunity to explore the app before you use it. However, a guest account is limited to selling and buying, in other words-- you can look for items but you can’t buy or sell them without creating your own user account.

Swaggle has a ZERO tolerance policy for fake or counterfeit items. If our authenticity team discovers that a seller has a counterfeit item, we will reject and remove the listing without prior notification, terminate the seller's account, and notify legal authorities. Items purchased that are found to be non-authentic are fully refundable after review from a third party authenticator.

Swaggle is completely free for shoppers.

To make an offer on an item simply swipe right on the picture or tap the money icon at the bottom of the browsing screen.

Swaggle will only charge a standard commission fee of $2.95 for items sold below $20.00. Items sold at or above $20.00 will be charged a commission of 10% during the initial phase including payment processing fees. Business users will be charged at a special commission rate per agreement.

Swaggle offers in-person and shipping as delivery options. For in-person delivery, Swaggle advises the seller and buyer to coordinate via SwagMail and pick a safe location to deliver the merchandise. The seller and buyer will need to review each other during the time of delivery for confirmation so that Swaggle can release the payment to the seller.

For shipping, the buyer is responsible for paying all shipping costs. Swaggle will send an auto-generated shipping label to the seller via email. The seller must ship the item within 48 hours of the email notification. Once the seller ships the item, the seller can provide tracking information to the buyer via SwagMail. The order will be cancelled if the seller does not ship the merchandise within 48 hours.

For items that are $200 or more, we require the buyer to choose confirmation with a signature as the shipping option.

We accept PayPal and credit card payments including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Union Pay.

We use PayPal for Marketplaces to process payments, a new and improved payment system which is safer and easier to use. To receive payments you must provide an email that is associated with your PayPal account to your Swaggle account. Your PayPal email should match with the email that you used to register a Swaggle account. Contact [email protected] for questions.

Swaggle has a zero tolerance policy for fake items. Please report it to us immediately. We will then stop releasing the payment to the seller and refund your payment. We will not let you pay for something that is not real on Swaggle.

All sales are final on Swaggle. This means a buyer cannot return an item they purchased on Swaggle if the item simply does not fit or they no longer want the item - as long as the seller accurately described the item in the listing. However, a buyer may open a case with us if they don't receive their item or the item they receive is not as described within the listing. If the buyer receives an item that is not as described within the listing, is sent the wrong item, or the item is in some other way not as described, the buyer can report their problem to us within 3 days of delivery and send an email to [email protected]. When a case is opened, the buyer is asked to upload photos and offer details of the issue. If the return is verified, we assist the buyer in returning the item to the seller and offer them a full refund.

To avoid a problem with a sale, we advise sellers to be as descriptive and detailed as possible when creating listings. We encourage buyers to review the listing photos, description and item condition, and if you have any questions, please ask the seller for additional details, measurements or photos.

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Our Team

Team work makes the dream work

Team Member

Eric Niu

Co-founder and

Eric is an entrepreneur with experience in management consulting, government affairs and politics. He likes to travel, play sports and read at his spare time.

Team Member

Martin Sherene

Co-founder and
Chief Technology Officer

Martin is the backend, API and mobile dev guru member of the team. When not working on Swaggle, he enjoys tinkering with embedded platforms, running and riding his dirt bike.

Team Member

Mok-Yi Chow

Co-Founder and
Chief Design Officer

Mok-Yi is an user interface user experience (UI/Ux) designer. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and staying active. Mok-Yi also enjoys spending time with his dog and filming Youtube videos of his coral reef aquarium.

Team Member

Loren Silva

Creative Strategist

Experience in brand development and project management. Love to teach surfing, save lives, and hand model on the side

Team Member

James de la Cruz

Software Engineer

In Jame's spare time he enjoys watching sports, playing basketball, experimenting with technologies, and watching anime.

Team Member

Maya Brooks

Product Associate

Maya is a New-York based web developer and consultant and product enthusiast. When she's not working, you can find her on her couch binge-watching anything on BRAVO!


Team Member

Izzy Ezrailson


Izzy has been tagged as the fashion "guru" by almost every trade publication serving the apparel business. He has experience in importing and branding spread over a 41 year period. As president and founder of Up Against the Wall stores he has experienced countless trends in both consumer tastes and business developments.


Ankur Desai


Ankur, a Duke MBA, is a Strategy specialist with over 15 years of Business Development, Finance and Marketing experience. He has worked with Twilio, Automatic Labs, Bandwidth, Clearwire, Valor Communications Group, and Match.com and facilitated IPOs, M&A; and led start-up and product launches.

Team Member



Mike (or "Ash") is a user-centered designer and marketing specialist. His hobbies include mountain trekking, bow hunting, fishing, scuba diving and brew tours.

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